Custom Phonebook Directory on Cisco 7962g phone

Further to my post on Configuring a Cisco 7962g Phone for standalone SIP, here’s how to add a custom phone book menu to the “Directories” menu on that phone.

First, change the <directoryURL></directoryURL> setting in your SEP####.cnf.xml file to point to a webserver (ie: not your TFTP server.)


Then, create that file.  This file is a list of menu entries to add to the ones already present when you press the Directories button (missed calls, received calls, placed calls).  <Name> specifies the title of the new menu entry, and <URL> points to a directory file that specifies the actual entries that show up when you select that menu. Replace X.X.X.X with your server’s IP address.

…/cisco/directories.xml should read something like this:


  <Title>Phonebook Menu</Title>
  <Prompt>My contacts directories</Prompt>

And …/cisco/directory.xml should read something like this:

<Prompt>Phone Book Entries</Prompt>
        <Name>Some Person (Home)</Name>
        <Name>Another Person</Name>
        <Name>A third person</Name>

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