Install Nitro Tasks 1.5 (nitrotasks) in Linux Mint 17

Nitro_021Nitro Tasks is a pretty slick To-Do list application – one of the nicer todo list apps available for Linux.  While it hasn’t seen any new development in a couple of years, it’s a simple application and the most recent version is pretty mature.  There’s no reason to expect it would be under very active development, since it’s already got all the features you’d expect in a todo/task list app.

It’s not available in the repos anymore, but you can still install from source.  It’s written in python.  Here’s how to install Nitro tasks in Linux Mint 17:

Install dependencies

These are the packages I had to install:

sudo apt-get install gir1.2-unity-5.0 python-distutils-extra

Other dependencies you may have to install include:


Download Nitro Source Code

From here:


Run Install Script

Extract the source code somewhere on your computer.  Open a terminal in the root directory of the source code, and run:

sudo python ./ install<br data-mce-bogus="1">


Fix Path Info in

You may notice that nitrotasks throws a “nitrotasks_lib.nitrotasksconfig.project_path_not_found” error when you run it.  This happens because the config file points to the wrong install point – nitrotasks points to “/usr/share/nitrotasks/”, but Linux Mint installs to “/usr/local/share/nitrotasks/”.  Open /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/nitrotasks_lib/ in a text editor, and change the line:

__nitrotasks_data_directory__ = ‘/usr/share/nitrotasks/’

to read:

__nitrotasks_data_directory__ = ‘/usr/local/share/nitrotasks/’

Now nitrotasks should run properly when run from the command line.


Optional: Add Nitrotasks to the Linux Mint Menu

The Nitrotasks installer doesn’t add an entry to the Linux Mint menu.  To add it yourself, right click on the menu launcher button in the lower left corner of your screen, and select “configure”.  In the settings window that pops up, click the “Menu Editor” button.

Once in the menu editor, click the “new item” button, and enter the following:

name: Nitro Tasks [or whatever name you like]

command: nitrotasks

Comment: [whatever you want]


The Nitro Tasks icon is in /usr/local/share/nitrotasks/media/

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